About Taha Ghouchkanlu


Nightscape , Deep sky, planetary,  nature and portrait photographer
Teaching astronomy photography in congresses, institutes and universities
Coordinator of ALPO Project and Aseman-e-shab (Night Sky) institute.
He started loving nature photography with an analog camera since 2001 and then He began an era in photography field by using digital cameras. Since 2005 deep sky photography was his new interest and one year later He could take photos of planets with a very simple webcam.
He could improve his photos in terms of technical and correct processing to be able to publish his photos in Sky & Telescope magazine (the first published deep sky photo from Iran in this magazine) and APOD website. Some other of his photos are also published in astronomy websites like Space Weather and LPOD.
He’s been continuing his cooperation with Aseman-e-shab (Night Sky) institute by testing astronomical equipment (especially photography equipment). 
He had some speeches about photography in TWAN workshops and also some speeches in photography workshops in Tehran University, Elm-o-sanaat University, IOTA-ME, Tehran Astronomy Club and etc.
He always believes if you effort whatever you have in what you love, you can achieve success and others are going to help you, He really had hard and controversial travels and afforded all his energy and income to be able to depict the beauty of the sky as He always sees it.
Nowadays He is the director of one of the known kids’ photography studios (Sky studio) in Iran.