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Weat field


Lovely African child

Amboseli national park , Kenya

In the Amboseli national park surroundings there were some dairy farm. I met this lovely shepherd boy who tried to play with me and did not let me tak ...

Sunset and Baobabs

Morondava, Madagascar

Baobab trees up to 800 years old, reach to30 meter heights and trunk diameters of 7 to 11 meters know locally as renala (Malagasi for ”mother of the f ...


Bakhtapour, Nepal

School in Bakhtapour

Lunar Eclipse & Milky way

Semnan, Iran

Minimal Lunareclipse

Hozesoltan Lake, Iran

When the moon loses its brightness by going into the shadows, she shines in the twilight.

Sunset over Amboseli

Amboseli National park, Kenya

Solar eclipse of 2016

Ternate Island, Indonesia

On occasion of annular solar eclipse of 21 June of 2020, this photo is related to solar eclipse of 2016 in Ternare valcano island in Indonesia.

Comet beside one of the oldest creatures

Mazandaran, Iran

Comets are one of the most important created factors of life on the Earth. Planets beside proper distance from their sun, having atmosphere with prope ...

Born in 1988 Taha Ghouchkanlu is a well known Iranian Photographer. Taha is one of the active participants in the International TWAN “The World At Night” project. Selected by Unesco The world at night project consists of 40 photographers from 25 countries that present breathtaking views of the starry night skies in conjunction with UNESCO World heritage or other sites of global significance with the aim of demonstrating humanity as one family living under the same roof of the night sky.

Professionally Taha is also the founding director of one of the leading photography studios in Tehran. Founded in 2010, Sky Studio is one of Tehran's most experienced and well established photo studios, with a team of over 40 talented young professionals, SkyStudio offers the highest quality photographic and film services and utilizing the most up to date studio photography methods and equipment.

From a young age Astronomy has been one of Taha’s main passions. Since he started photography he has gained invaluable experience and knowledge working professionally in the fields of testing and reviewing optics, deepsky astrophotography as well as widefield nightscape photography. Simultaneously Taha has been active in teaching astronomy and astrophotography in different institutes and universities. Having followed his passion for outdoor and landscape photography from a young age, He started to travel to many different spots around the globe in search of stunning scenery in IRAN and world alike. Madagascar, Kenya, Bhutan, Tanzania, Indonesia, Nepal, Uganda, Norway, Finland, Morocco, China, Oman ,... are only some of the places that Taha’s passion for photography has led him.

Beside nightscape photography, one of the most interesting subjects in photography for Taha since adolescence is documentary and portrait photography with an ethnographic focus on different tribes and nations. During his trips to different countries, he has photographed local people of different first nation tribes such as African and Buddhist people and many other nations, to show their life style, unique cultures, clothing & etc. to record and express that even in the 20th century people have their own unique life styles. One of the highlight projects Taha is doing during next years is creating photo collections of unique people and tribes all over the world to capture and preserve them for future as a good reference of nations' life style and different cultures and to also photograph them at night.

His photos have been published in many publications, To name a few ; Sky & Telescope, Astronomy magazines and websites like APOD. Being one the youngest TWAN members he has been awarded the gold medal in the Khayyam international photography competition 2015 and 1st prize in PNA (Photo nightscape awards) in 2014 as well as being published in 2019 TWAN book. Published in 4 languages, the illustrated book includes 200 night sky photographs of TWAN team members.


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